We love showcasing fans of the brand. Today, meet Steven Yuratovac, a Software Engineer from Southern California.

Read what Steven had to say as he takes us into his collection of 100 Nixon watches.

Nixon fan Steven Yuratovac and a few of his favorite Nixon watches

Collector's Corner 5: Steven Yuratovac

Steven, how many Nixon watches do you own?

I recently acquired my 100th Nixon watch! My collection spans over 20 years.

When did you get your first Nixon watch and what was it?

My very first Nixon was the Roadie. In 2004 for my 14th birthday, my mom took me to the local Active Ride Shop and that was the watch she got for me. From that point on I was hooked!

What was your 100th Nixon watch?

For my 100th watch, I got the White Ceramic Player. I had wanted this watch for a very long time ever since I saw it as a teen. The local skate shop manager always wore his Ceramic Player. I never had the opportunity to purchase it while it was originally available, but Karl from the Nixon Facebook group recently made it possible for me to purchase this one.

The 100 Nixon watch collection of Steven Yuratovac

What is your favorite Nixon watch you own and why?

My favorite has to be my Black SS Rover. This was my 2nd Nixon and I have probably worn this watch more than any of my others. I love the look and the weight of it.

Another favorite is a Sentry that I customized at the Encinitas shop. I had an extra strap and we did a half and half strap combo that really came out cool.

Steven Yuratovac at the old Nixon shop in Encinitas

Custom Nixon watches from Steven's vast Nixon collection

What OG models would you like Nixon to bring back?

I would love to see the return of the original Rover line. There were so many great watches under the Rovers. The Venture is another one that would be great to see return as well.

Have you ever gifted someone else a Nixon watch? Was it new or one from your collection?

Absolutely! I have gifted a mix of new watches and watches from my collection to my parents and my best friend. My Mom actually has several Small Time Tellers. I have definitely bonded with multiple friends over our Nixon watches.

Steven wearing his Star Wars Nixon watch in front of the Millenium Falcon

Anything else you'd like to add about your Nixon collection?

I have been to several customization events that Nixon has put on. I have also gone to the Encinitas shop multiple times to make my own watches. My custom watches are some of my favorites. It is really fun to get to pick out all the different components that go into the watch to make it truly your own. Also, half of them I have put a quote on the back relating to time.

Time quotes on the back of custom Nixon watchesSome of my more unique pieces would be my 2 Tony Hawk watches. The first is the Rotolog made with pieces of his skateboard and the second is the Bones Brigade Time Teller. I was lucky enough to go to the Nixon X Bones release event and got to meet my favorite skaters Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen.