An Inside look into the limited-edition collab between two Socal originals.

Surf art icon Andy Davis’ work is a colorful tribute to beach culture. Pulsing with positivity and fun, his paintings depict life in sync with good waves and good times. Andy’s personal, artistic touch on the Time Teller P is a collaboration of two Southern California originals, which perfectly captures the spirit of Nixon’s home base.

We sat down with Andy at his Solana Beach studio, down the street from the Nixon Headquarters in Encinitas, to talk about art, style, and indispensable items that stand the test of time.

What does your artwork represent?

Hopefully happiness, if people smile and laugh when they see it, I feel like I’m doing something special.

Outside of the art world, who or what influences you the most in your work?

My family and nature, other like-minded humans.

What is the most indispensable item in your studio?

My books and magazines

Do you collect anything?

Music movies books magazines surfboards. I’m sure there are more things but that’s all I can think of at the moment.

Where are you finding ideas for you work these days?

I get inspired all the time. New music, old music, Mother Nature always provides , other people doing things I’m interested in that share their ideas via images or stories of some sort.

Do you remember the first piece of art work you have ever sold?

I can’t remember? It may have been in Japan though.

What is the biggest challenge you face professionally?

Surviving my brain and its ways.

What work of art do you wish you owned?

That’s a really crazy question and I don’t have any idea!!!!

What was it like designing for watches?

Designing the watches was a fun process. It’s always a challenge to work with different mediums. It was interesting to see what worked well in that scale and what had to be edited to the amount of real estate per piece.

How would you say you make your own apparel and accessory choices? Do you think you have a personal style?

My own personal preference when it comes to style is really simple. Comfort is most important. I like things that I’ve had forever because they are worn in. Many of the things I have I’ve had for 20 yrs. some of them are maybe another 20 yrs older than that. I used to love going to thrift stores and getting close they don’t make anymore.

Are there any apparel or personal style choices happening today that you particularly like or don’t like, either for yourself or on others?

I don’t really pay too much attention to clothes or trends. I think I’ve had the same vibe since I was in my late teens. I’m the same size as I was back then so it’s pretty easy. I’m 48 now but I still like the same things pretty much. Vans on my feet , Levi’s on the legs for most part ( although the last few years my dear friends at Captain Fin keep me covered on cozy chinos ). Old soft tee shorts long and short. Love pocket tees and concert tees that I go too. Pendleton Flannels, vintage jc penny and sears button downs ,jackets and sweaters. Always a newbie or a mesh baseball hat. Sun protection you know! Love to wear friends tees and art. That’s about it I guess.

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